What Is A Payday Loan?

Not having enough money to cover your debts is a raising issue for many people and this issue is best dealt with fast cash loans such as payday loans. Besides the extremely high annual interest rates, payday loans are a fast solution for people who are looking to clear small debts quickly. With the freedom to apply online, payday loans are fast and a safer way to borrow money.

Payday loans range between $200 and $1000 per loan and varies from state to state. Once approved you can expect cash in to be deposited into your bank account as early as 1 business working day.

Payday loan, unlike other loans is an online loan that typically does not require any credit check. In comparison with other available loans, payday loan are the easiest way to get cash and instantly, while at the same time one is secure and sure of a smooth transaction.

Applying online via payday loans sites can be dangerous thus here's a a few sites that maintains high standard of security like for example all your details are encrypted when you submit via online form tools. When you avail a payday loan, the bank gives you a personal secure member account, through which you can manage your account as well as update your user profile and view your daily cash transactions and maintain your loan history.

Why Use Payday Loans?

Millions of Americans find themselves in financial slump at one time or another and they search for easy finances. This is where payday loan comes to their rescue. Payday loan or paycheck advance loan or short-term liquidity solutions helps them meet their everyday challenges.

Reasons for availing a payday loan:

  • For meeting day-to-day household bills.
  • For handling sudden car and transportation expenses.
  • Unexpected medical and health expenses.
  • Paying of other lenders.
  • For a vacation or leisure activity.
  • This loan is generally availed, when it’s the only option available to the consumers suffering with bad credit. This loan helps them meet their urgent expenses.
Cost Assessment

Payday loans are highly economical and it’s the easiest solution for short-term liquidity if used in a proper way. Payday loan is less expensive as compared to other loans and a best alternative.

Need cash in an instant? Here's a list of the top Payday loan services. Please note that PayDay Ok (also known as PayDayOne) is a licensed lender and the other are just financial matching services (brokers).

Payday Loan Comparison Table
Overall RatingPrice Cost per $100 Read Review Financial Matching Service Time To Get Cash Max. Loan Amount Approval Time APR%
PayDay Ok/ Payday One

Top Rated

$10.00 Get A Loan From PayDay Ok Read PayDay Ok Review No Next Day $500 Instant 260%
123 Cash Online


Varies Loan From 123 Cash OnlineRead 123 Cash Online Review YesNext Day $1500Instant Varies
Faxless Financial

Very Good

Varies Loan From Faxless FinancialRead Faxless Financial Review YesNext Day$1500InstantVaries
Fast Funds Online Varies Loan From Fast Funds OnlineRead Fast Funds Online Review YesNext Day$1500InstantVaries
Pay Check Today $30.00 Loan From Pay Check TodayRead Pay Check Today Review No Next Day $1000Instant 782.14%

Payday Loan Review